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Ted Heusel

A Radio Legend

Ted: The Early Years
High School and College
A career begins
The School Board Years
Saline Mill & Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
Family Man
A Radio Legend
Ted Heusel Day
Memories of Ted

2004 Michigan Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee.

Ted discusses the isues of the day during his weekly show, 2006 photo.

See Ted's Entry on the MAB Hall of Fame

In 1983, Ted made a change of venue, leaving long-time home, WPAG to join the team at 1600 WAAM.  Hard core followers just turned their dials and followed him to the top of the AM dial.  Ted had been on WPAG for 16 years, covering every position from morning news to host of the station's "Community Comment" segments in tale morning and early afternoon.  At WAAM, Ted served as news director, as well as hosting his own three-hour show and the daily editorial "Heusel Report," five days a week.  Ted continues to host his much loved talk show on WAAM, and can be heard each Saturday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. 


Lucy Ann Lance, "Fat Bob" Taylor(whose show preceded Ted's in the mid to late eighties) & Ted

Among the thousands of interviews Ted has done over the years, some that stand out are Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., the B-29 pilot who in August of 1945 flew the famous Enola Gay to Hiroshima. That morning, when the world's first atomic bomb was released, the course of history and the nature of warfare was changed forever.    

Another very interesting iterview for Ted was the day he interviewed the man who was convicted of shooting civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.  James Earl Ray was serving a 99-year term for the assasination when he was interviewed by Mr. Heusel.    

Other famous guests Ted has had on his show over the years include presidential candidate John Anderson, civil rights leader Rosa Parks, several local political figures including former Ann Arbor Mayor Ingrid Sheldon, and current Mayor John Heiftje.

Some of the repeat guests Ted's listeners always enjoy are Author and Historian Grace Shackman, and the ever fascinating Peter Fletcher.

The man who originated talk radio with one of today's top national hosts, Laura Ingraham. (2004)

The effervescent Lucy Ann Lance with her mentor. (2005 photo)

Ted at a Listener Appreciation party during the Whitehall Broadcasting years at WAAM

Mid-eighties producer Beverly Wood
Photo by Robert Chase

Beverly Wood described Ted as "Sincere," adding "Everyone gets a kick out of him." 

Ted with Carl Cederberg at 1600 WAAM. Photo by Larry E. Wright

Ted talks with son, Michael and friend Walker at Montebello Park

The Ted Heusel Throne

Little ones

Ted "In Studio" with Ann Arbor Mayor John Heiftje Feb. 2006

Lucy Ann Lance with former WAAM General Manager Skip Diegel

The first time Skip Diegel ever met Ted, it was 1966.  Skip was a high schooler seeking work at WOIA.  Ted met with Skip, had him come by the next night, and put him to work right away.  Years later in 1983, Skip became General Manager of WAAM, and the first big move he made was hiring Ted away from WPAG.  Skip told the station’s owner at the time, Lloyd Johnson, “We can do one of two things.  We can take what we were gonna pay Ted Heusel in a salary, and buy newspaper ads for the next three years and we’d probably reach this level at the end of three years, or we can take that money and put it into a salary for Ted Heusel, and we’ll get it the first day.”  Deigel was right.  Ted’s listeners followed him to his new home at 1600, and they’ve been there with him ever since.  

Ted & Teddy, December 1996