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Ted Heusel

Saline Mill & Ann Arbor Civic Theatre

Ted: The Early Years
High School and College
A career begins
The School Board Years
Saline Mill & Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
Family Man
A Radio Legend
Ted Heusel Day
Memories of Ted

40 years of quality productions


Ted Heusel 1954

Nancy Born 1954

Ted Heusel tried to get his wife Nancy to audition for "Private Lives," during the 1954/1955 season, but she said "no" and soon after had a baby. Nancy had been pursuing a track to having a professional career and it has been said that she certainly would have made it on Broadway. Although husband and wife, Ted Heusel always made Nancy audition for him.

Ted and Nancy in a 1955 Saline Mill production of "The Four Poster"

Ted The Director

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