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Ted Heusel

Family Man

Ted: The Early Years
High School and College
A career begins
The School Board Years
Saline Mill & Ann Arbor Civic Theatre
Family Man
A Radio Legend
Ted Heusel Day
Memories of Ted

Ted always loved his Nancy, their children, and grandchildren

Nancy & Ted on their 43rd Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Announcement, 1954

Cutting their wedding cake

A devout Episcopalian, Ted is not only a local legend, but a devoted family man.  Ted was known to say he "never had one problem" while his kids were growing up.  The father of four met his future bride while they were performing for the Dramatic Arts Center on the roof of an Ann Arbor carport.  In a 1981 quote in an article written by Jane Myers, Ted said, "Your kids are the only thing you leave in this lifetime."  "How your kids turn out is your legacy."  In a 1985 interview by Barbara Misle, Mrs. Heusel, the former Nancy Born, says she was first attracted to Ted, because he has a good sense of humor and is a loyal friend.  Ted and Nancy married in 1954.  Ted was 32.  

Mr. & Mrs Heusel


Ted and his lovely wife, Nancy

Ted loves the little ones.

In a May 2000 article in The Ann Arbor News, Ted is described as "a full, participatory father."  He coached his kids baseball and basketball teams, says his "greatest legacy after his long radio run is still his family, and how it has remained close."




Ted with his delightful daughter Jennifer, and grandaughter